Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Day's End

It's almost 11:00. F is in bed with a headache and a stomach ache ("I feel like I might need to throw up.") and I've got a bit of a headache myself. Our first juice day was a lot of work - for me. Cutting made my neck hurt. My head was hanging down through that interminable chopping. The broth was...a little uneventful. I had to steam some vegetables so we could have something solid finally.

The last juice - a mango, peach, ginger juice - was good, but thick. A little too much. And I'm peeing like every twenty minutes. Next time I'll do this right - and alone. I think there's preparation that I should have done, like eating lighter with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits for a few days before. Oh well. Nice to have this over. I am really looking forward to coffee and granola tomorrow morning.

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