Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dutch Class Three

The two women who spoke today in class were Liz - the English girl with the thing on her face - and Nat, from Poland. Liz is really so lovely. She talked about London. She sits next to me and we talk before class and then when we have to break into groups and speak Dutch to each other about a given topic. She got back to her seat and said, "How was it?" I told her it was great. We're all loping along somewhat.

Nat is someone who I was sort of put off with at first. She is attractive and of strong Eastern European stock, but somewhat cold looking. But I make a practice of asking questions when the people are up talking. It was nice, and I like to think that it endeared me to her. She talked about Poland, all that's there to visit and see and life there. It was interesting since I know almost nothing about Poland. Now I know a little.

It's amazing how fast we are going in this class. I finished my homework at 10:00 last night and did very little esle in the evening. Today I have a boat tour to go on at 5:45. So I have to get on the good foot and start my homework now. We got on the computers and found the things we can do with them, which was very nice. Evaline, who is so sweet, leaned over me and said something as she looked at my computer screen. Such dragon breath! She's so matter of fact. I gave a wrong answer today and she said, "No. Who knows the answer?" (All in Dutch, of course.) No shame, no lingering on it, making me search for the right answer. Then she talked today on a subject (adjective endings) and I thought she hadn't gone far enough so I asked a really good question and she went on.

I'm enjoying this so much and I feel extra lucky to be living here and that I don't have to go back to anywhere when it's done. Fred wants us to start speaking Dutch at home when it's over. We'll see.

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