Friday, August 20, 2004

Eleven Days Into It

Today we had three speakers. But it was a fun day. Bertan from Macidonia spoke, Sasha from Taiwan spoke and Vincent from Venesuela spoke. Fortunately all of teaching has ended. Problem is that there's so much now to review.

Bertan spoke on Macedonia. Where is it, what languages they speak, what's the weather, basic stuff - and when the bar's close for Rod. It was good. He's understandable and very nice. Sasha spoke in Taiwan. Same things - pretty demographic, lots of dates. I spoke with her briefly on the day we had the tour of the Anne Frank House. She's married to a Dutch guy. The whole situation looks very mail-order bride. But whatever gets you through the day. Vincent spoke after the break. He talked about Venezuela. I think he's gay, but he one of those humorless people that makes me say, "Who cares?" Good speaker, but I can hear a thick Spanich accent. He's studying to be a dentist, or tandarts as they say here.

Studied and had coffee at Bertan's this afternoon. He might make a good new friend. I'd like a friend here. I have tons of vocabulary to learn, and some grammar to go over.

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