Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Last Night of Lonely

This morning I woke up with a headache and having to pee at 7:30. After convincing myself it really would be best to get up, pee and take a couple of ibuprofin, I was then unable to get back to sleep. I watched You Can Count On Me with the director's comments on. What a great movie! It was raining cats and dogs until I left the apartment.

I'm sure now that I'm ill and possibly against my better judgement, I made the trek to Slotervart, one of the nursing homes where I do volunteer work. It was a mix of a desire to do something other than lie around all day coughing, guilt over the possiblity of them being understaffed without me, and the fact that I didn't know who to call to tell them I'm ill. Plus, my plan is to make next week my last day there. I am currently doing four days of volunteer work at three places. I need to cut back. "Wat jammer!", as they say here - What a pity!

We now have a skim coat of dust over the house. I aired out the house with the window open. I'll clean that up and put a few things away to get things ready for F's return. I'm so looking forward to seeing him. He's such a doll, but when he's gone, me and them lonesome blues collide. The bed's too big, the frying pan's too wide. (Joni Mitchell for anyone not familiar). I'm all giddy thinking about seeing him.

Looking forward to some Olympics tonight. I don't know what's on, but I don't care. I'll watch it. I even watched some running the other night. And it was good!

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