Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Point of It All

Apparently two coats of 3070-R wasn't enough. To be fair to the paint, I don't think F was putting it on thick enough. To be fair to F, he has never painted before and he was doing his best. So I painted another coat yesterday and I will do another today. I'm sick to death of painting. The good thing is that it's latex and washes off easily, the bad thing is that it's red - really red. So it shows up on everything from a white wall to my skin.

The carpet guys showed up bright and early Monday morning and began putting in the carpet. After a little, they called F in and showed him a hole. F agreed that if they gave him 100 euro off, they could lay the carpet. There was a phone call and the company offered 50. F sent them away. They'll be back on Thursday. The good thing is that I don't have to paint with the carpet down. The bad thing is that we have to keep camping on the mattresses in different rooms. It's not that bad. It's kind of sweet, just a little confusing to wake up and have to pee going to and from a different room each night.

I mad a fabulous rissotto last night. I've really taken to the rissotto. I made it with lots of mushrooms, chicken stock and some spinach - finishing it with a little butter. It was great. I'm really enjoying cooking.

Tomorrow is my last day at Slovervaart, the first nursing home I volunteered at. But I feel like it's a waste of my time. I stand behind a bar and make up trays of drinks. Then I move tables and chairs. It's hardly a good use of my talents. Waiting tables at Riekerhof is much better. I have to talk AND think. And today at De Kloof, I did the door, which was nice because, again, I have to listen to Dutch and speak in Dutch. And that is the point of all of this.

Still have no working papers. Met a girl today who got hers in six months. It's so arbitrary how they give them out. F called today and they gave him an address. We'll write a letter tonight complaining on how long we've waited. We'll see.

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