Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Late one Tuesday night

The writer's group went very well. Gabi turned out to be this girl that I was like, "Oh man. I totally want to be your friend." She's heavy-ish, but she's got a great personality and she's pretty. I bet she does well with the guys. She explained her story, which is based on something that happened to a friend in high school. Joseph was in complete culture shock with the two of us. He was a little bit stiff, but he gave honest opinions that I appreciated - both to me and to Gabi. My piece was well received. I'm confident I'll be able to improve it. They were gentle, but honest.

Joseph started with a bunch of criticism and apologies about the piece he's sent us. It was sad, but endearing. He was obviously nervous about sending it. Gabi said she was completely sweating when she was sending it. I wasn't that nervous, but I wanted it to be good. I spoke with John and we're both glad Marco dropped out. I don't know if I wrote that, but we all got an e-mail with him quickly bowing out. I was like, "Good." I didn't like how much he drank during the meeting and he didn't seem to be producing. Leave and make room for someone new.

Tuesday is my busy day with volunteering at De Kloof, then school then choir rehearsal. But it's a good day. During the break in class, I was taliking with two women - all in Dutch. One asked how old I was. I told her 39. Both said, "No!" It was nice to hear. I keep feeling like I'm looking old with my hair turning gray and falling out. I quit all the hair products about two years ago now. My hair is so much thinner. I'm not worried about it. The one woman said, "I would have said 33. Not 39!" Blush blush. But it's nice to hear I'm keeping it together a bit. I say it's the moisturizing.

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