Wednesday, September 22, 2004

One Writer Down

Daisy wrote today to say that she's decided to not be in the group. Before I met her I considered the possibility. I didn't care then. Now I do because I think she brought the level up considerably. We'll see. I'll continue without her. She wrote a nice not saying it was too expensive, but thanks. I wrote her back and she returned my e-mail saying that the other two seemed only to want positive feedback, which she was not prepared to promise. She seems like she might really get down to brass tacks, which I like. The guys don't really seem to have any knowledge or experience with giving feedback. We'll see.

School was fine today. I was glad when it was over. F was out of town today and it was raining. I was going to go to choir rehearsal, but I decided that I would not ride back into the Center on my bike and the tram never came, so I spent the evening writing and doing some things around the apartment.

It's beginning to get cold and wet, like I remember winter being like from January to like May. I guess it starts now. I'm not too worried about it. I just need to have proper gear and I'll be fine.

I wrote for two hours tonight on a the Houseboy story. I read about the Snowflake Process, which seems like a lot of other step by step guides, but I like the methaphore and it's explained well. I might try it. It seems like it would work with this story. I have the requirements. I figure I'll just do what it says. Those guys may not be any help. I wonder how well they write. I'm sending them something tomorrow, regardless. I have like ten pages, but a lot of it's just blah blah. Still, it's something and I should send it and see what kind of feedback I get.

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