Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gin and the Writer's Group

I just returned from my writer's group and it was Gin's first time there. Gabi was out - ill, I think. James was an apologetic lump. I was early and very uncomfortable at the end, although I began well.

Gin is completely frigid. I felt like if she fell out of her chair, she's break into pieces. But she had really good comments and seems genuinely interested and very intelligent. But wow, like a block of ice. I have a feeling that she's going to quit. I am not saying that to wish that, but in the spirit of honesty. It feels like she sort of feels more experienced and "better." I've gotten that feeling from the first e-mail interaction. We'll see.

I'm not feeling that optimistic about the group. James seems to be someone who wishes he would write rather than someone who writes. He also has a life that's split between here and Scotland, where his girlfriend and child are. Gabi is really lovely, but I have a feeling that she's just giving us material that she wrote a while ago, which is fine until she runs out of material and has to produce. Even Brandy, who writes, is having trouble.

I don't even mind that they have trouble writing, as long as they stay in the group. After the feedback I got from them last time, I'm going to make an outline and do the whole Snowflake Process. They don't get it, but that's too bad.

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