Thursday, October 28, 2004

Living with a Dutchie - Before

I am about to go to a "meeting" for a group I have been a part of since I showed up here. It's called "Living with a Dutchie." I think it's a silly name. I don't particularly like words like "Dutchie." It's like "Cloggy" or something else equally as ridiculous. I had been attending these gatherings, really just a bunch of ex-pats with Dutch partners (most women) and we sit for an hour or two and have a couple of drinks. It's just a sit and chat. I quit going to them because Rotterdam and The Hague are so far away and I hate coming home at midnight. So Miranda, the creator of the group, suggested I host one in Amsterdam - since we Amsterdamers don't feel like we should have to travel.

I hope it's fun. It's all about the mix of people. I would really like to come home pretty early, make a little pasta and finish cleaning. So we'll see. Will report after it's finished.

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