Friday, December 31, 2004

Letter for Working Papers

I spent the greater part of the day walking three feet off the ground.

After speaking to my new friend, Bertan, yesterday, about one of our favorite topics: "Where the heck are my working papers?" I walked to the mailbox early this morning and opened it up. Why? F always takes the newspaper and the mail doesn't come until about 1:00. But I like to look. I just like to make sure.

In fact, I'd told Bertan, "Everytime I open it up, I'm looking for it. When I approach the building, I think about looking in the mailbox so that maybe my verblijvsverkuning letter is there. But I'm sure that it's not going to be there when I'm looking for it. But how can I not look for it?"

This morning I wasn't really looking for IT. I was just looking for what was in the mailbox. A Christmas card, a Soap Digest, a letter of apology from a relative, anything. And it was there. I'm very happy.

Of course I can only go pick it up 8:30 to 12:30 M-Th, but bet your bottom dollar that I'll be there on Monday.

No huge plans for tonight. I'm cooking duck, which I've never done before, and F is making some desert with marscapone cheese and kiwi. Should be good. We're SO not going out. Tonight is Oude Jaar - Old Year.

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