Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two Crappy Phone Calls

Today after De Kloof, I went to meet Hans, my instructor for my Intermediate Dutch class. I have to retake my final at the end of March and he said that he could give me some pointers on how to do it. He suggested a book called "Code 2." It's seventy-four euros, but I figured I could spend some Christmas money for it. It would be a good investment. I like all the exercises on the CD-Rom.

Unfortunately it doesn't run on a Mac, which is what I have. I went by a bookstore and asked a woman and she said, "We are not really that into Mac here." I smiled politely and thanked her.

As I walked out, I said, "It's a Dutch language program. It's not FOR you." One more argument against the Mac, which I love. Most CD-Roms are for Windows based operating systems. Jammer.

So I called when I got home and the man at the Code 2 Helpdesk told me the same info. That was phone call one.

Phone call two was to the Driver's License place. I got an e-mail that said that they were ending the "easy turnover" of a driver's license on January 31. But your driver's license HAS to be current. The chances of me getting my New York driver's license current by then are...nil. It would take going to the eye doctor and then getting it back by January 31. It's just impossible.

Having been given two crappy pieces of information in quick succession, I lay down and read my book for a while. I needed to recharge.

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