Friday, March 04, 2005

Job Hunting and Other

On Wednesday, I met with Lucy from Adam's Multilingual Recruitment. She had sent me an e-mail asking a few more questions about my experience and CV. At the encouragement of F, I sent her an e-mail and asked to meet with her. After a few e-mails, we set the date for Wednesday.

Lucy was really wonderful. She's an English girl with a few more kilos than she probably wants, but she's not fat. Nice, subtle makeup. We talked about things I'd done professionally and the direction in which I wanted my career to go. After meeting with her, I was sent home with the assignment of revamping my CV and keeping an eye on their website.

Yesterday, I came home from Riekerhof and there was a message from Jill from Adam's Recruitment. She was looking for a temp position person starting today. I called back, but too late. Today I decided to write Natalie from Undutchables and see if she would give me an interview. I really think these people need to see me. I haven't been doing well as far as my CV goes. It's a little stale. It doesn't pop and sizzle.

I need to do somethings that are outside my comfort zone, like talking to these people. I can be bashful and timid and have them move my resume from one stack to the next, or I can do all I can to get in there and show them all my "dances."

I keep reading all this stuff about "transferable skills" and "enthusiasm" being the key. It's about knowing people. The problem is cramming all that on a piece of A4 typing paper. Let me get in there and talk.

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