Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Real Nail Biter

I hesitated to write this, but I think it's such an amazing thing that I will go ahead. My fingernails are all a decent length at the same time. Apparently my nail biting has abated after almost 40 years. I don't think I was biting my nails straight out of the womb, but I began pretty soon after that.

For about a year or two in the Ninties I had also stopped biting them because I was in a routine where I cut my nails every Monday evening at ten o'clock. I'm not sure why, but about a month ago, I noticed that the nails on my left hand were growing and I wasn't biting them off. I was taking it all out on two fingers of my right hand.

It's not such a frightful mess as some folks. With some people they are always to the quick, almost to the point of bleeding. I bite very neatly, generally, but I keep it up and they're always short. I even keep nail clippers in my pocket so I can make any repairs if I should run into a problem. But I've done that for years.

Maybe I'm less anxious, but I don't really see that as an outlet for my anxiety. I think it's just a habit. But like smoking (now that I've stopped for a number of years) the idea of nail biting seems really stupid. I know it is. It's just difficult to stop.

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