Friday, July 22, 2005

My Computer is Back

Yesterday, Beth, from work, said, "You need to update the blog. At least say that your computer is back." It's nice that she cares.

My computer is back. The whole computer situation was one of the most frustrating things I've had to deal with here. When I was at the Mac store here in Amsterdam with my computer, I pointed out a crack. I asked the guy, "Should I try to get this fixed?"

He looked at it and gave a non-committal, "Yeah."

When asked how long it would take, he said, "Two weeks, maybe three."

I waited until I was going on vacation - to Tunisia - and put it in the shop.

Three and a half weeks later, I called and said, "I'm trying to find out where my computer is and when it will be back." Being an optimist, I had walked in the house every day and gone to the answering machine expecting a call for me to come pick up my newly fixed computer. Ever seen Waiting for Godot?

I was told, by the repair people that the crack was not fixed and that they had decided it was caused by "customer abuse." The man offered to investigate it and see if he could challenge that. I told my story. (I'd been told twice in NYC that I didn't need it to be fixed, as it was 'cosmetic.') If I wanted it fixed, it would cost 350 euros - for a little piece of plastic probably installed in ten minutes. Whores don't make money like that.

The guy never called back. I called the next day, they wouldn't let me talk to him. They said he was trying to call the store in NYC. I said, "If he's looking for a paper trail, it's not there. I just mentioned to a girl and she told me not to worry about it."

I finally asked for my computer back, not fixed. It was going on four weeks.

"That'll be 65 euros."


"You are refusing service."

Big breath. "I want my computer back."

Already long story short, I got it back, paid the 65 euros. I'm happy to have it back. However, I am astonished with the absolutely crazy way they do business. Why did I pay for the extra two years of protection?

Some jackass had the gaul to say, "Well, you bought it in NYC and in NYC they will repair damage caused by customer abuse."

There was no customer abuse. Dutch customer service is the worst.

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