Friday, July 15, 2005

The Question of Hair

This morning, on my way to work, I stood behind the same woman I often stand behind. She's English and works at the same company at which I work. She has a mass of naturally curly hair. It's blonde. It made me think of the many different hair styles I would hate to have.

Occassionally, I will say to someone, "Oh my God. Look at that hair. It's awful!"

Some people agree with me, (I call those good people) but once in a while there is a person who will look at my bald pate and say, "You're just jealous."

I roll my eyes and think, Yes. I'm jealous of ugly hair. It's ridiculous to think that I would rather have ugly hair than no hair.

I always say that I have been gearing up for bladness since I was about seven. That was the age at which my mother (God bless her for doing this) explained to me that because of genetics, I would grow up to be a bald man. Since my maternal grandfather was bald, I am bald. If that weren't enough, I have my father, my paternal grandfather, an uncle and several great uncles that are bald. I knew that it was a pretty good bet from an early age. So I was not surprised by thinning hair. It didn't happen suddenly like with chemo. Hair fell out and didn't grow back. The individual strands got thinner. I had a surprisingy number of hairstyles during the life of my hair. Now I have a short fuzz on the top of my head and that monk thing going on on the sides, which I keep short. F has basically the same hair, which I like. I don't think I could deal with a partner with great hair.

This leads me to a list, which is what I was thinking when I began this. Yesterday, I came across a blog called "The Casual Friday" ( written by Brian. His "thing" is lists. I came across him yesterday by following a link from another blog. Lately blog surfing for me has been frustrating. Like cable television with 500 channels, there's a lot of crap out there. With blogs, there are an infinite number. Asian things other languages I can't read, people who think their funny, and stupid stuff created by bored teenagers who can't spell.

Following links on his comments pages (he's amazingly popular) I visited other blogs. Several of these people tried lists, but were not as good as Brian. They mostly paid omage to Brian and this is what I am going to do now.

This is a list of five types of hair that I would hate to have:

1. Thick, tight curls (blonde is my least favorite)
2. Wiry, brittle hair (I could name a relative, but I won't)
3. Long, wavy brown that always looks stringy (again, any color is bad)
4. Bald only the crown exposed (hence, one is constantly surprised by a large bald spot.)
5. Whispy thin hair that won't lay down (and is susceptible to any static)

I often look in the mirror and think, Overall, it's a good look. Hair isn't that important. What's important that at 40, I still have a flat stomach and all my teeth.

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