Monday, August 15, 2005

Crying Baby Update

Yesterday in church, the substitute pastor preached his third and final sermon of this set. Our normal pastor will be back next Sunday.

I wasn't crazy about him when I first heard him. I thought, I'm sleeping in next Sunday. But after his sermon, I was totally hooked. He's edgy and says things that a lot of other preachers might not want to say, in the interest of job security.

Yesterday, he said, during the announcements, "And if you have a baby who might be a little overwhelmed by the size of this room please feel free to make use of our creche, located out those doors and to your left." Brilliant! Addressed the situation. I'm a fan.

He also began his sermon with a little story that ended with "Jesus had a penis." It was a story about Jesus' sexuality. Questions posed by teens were: Was Jesus married? Did Jesus have a girlfriend? Was Jesus gay?

What I totally loved was that he didn't say, "Absolutely not! He was most certainly not gay!" He addressed in a much broader way. He said that Jesus, knowing his life's mission, would not have entered into a committed relationship of any kind as he knew that it would steal focus from his mission. Interesting approach.

He reminds me of one of those rogue priests in the movies, the good guys going against the evil Catholic church. Except this guy is Presbyterian.


ellie said...

this guy sounds class! i think even i would get up on a sunday for him!

~ Ŗęνėļåţĭōŋ ~ said...

i wish i knew a pastor like that.. it would be so good to hear about stuff that people don't like to talk about rather than hear the same old thing that's being overdone time after time