Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Audio Book

I am once again at the time of the month when I must choose an audio book. I have a subcription with ( wherein for my $14.95 a month, I get an audio book and a subcription. The subcription that I have is Fresh Air with Terry Gross ( It's really wonderful. Terry Gross in a great interviewer. She gets very interesting people to say very interesting things. It's also a bargain. I get five shows a week, which is around twenty hours of audio per month. It's a rare interview where I think, So what? Even with sports figures, I am interested.

I also subscribe to This American Life ( The host, Ira Glass, does an amazing job ever week. Sometimes is great and sometimes it's just mind blowing. I definitely recommend. I even pay extra for this, which comes every Saturday for my Sunday morning ride to church. Amen.

But my original point was that I need to pick a book. The last great book I got was The Kite Runner. It was suggested by my good friend, Patty. I listened to it while laying under an umbrella by a pool in Tunisia. (I found the juxtaposition between me in a swimsuit listening between dips in the pool and the author's travels in Afganastan where the Taliban was taking over sort of interesting.) It was a real surprise.

I also listened toAssassination Vacation by Sarah Vowel. Loved it. Listened to it twice. AlsoThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Audiobook): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. Listened twice. So I need a good, lefty leaning book. I was thinking about getting The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty. I know it's Kitty Kelly and it's total Bush bashing brain candy, but I thought it might be fun. There's the abridged version at nine hours and the unabridged version at (gasp!) twenty-eight hours. I might go with the abridged just because I have tons of other things to listen to. (Hi. I'm Andy and I'm addicted to podcasting.) There was also My Life by Bill Clinton, which I thought would be interesting, since I miss him being the president. I would only get the abridged version since the unabridged is read by someone else and is very long.

So it's a problem. I decided to not purchase today, even though it's not that much money (it comes out to about $7.50). I'll make a decision later. If anyone has a suggestion, please suggest.

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