Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Speaking Dutch at Work

I'm over trying to speak Dutch at work, trying to speak Dutch to people who speak English really well. Since F and I have started speaking Dutch exclusively at home, my confidence is building regarding speaking. I'm comfortable with him and he understands me, hence my flow is better. Plus, he's got some sense of when it's okay to correct me and he's got some scale of what are normal mistakes and what he can't let fly.

People at work are really frustrating. They are usually not willing to sit and listen to someone speak imperfect Dutch, and it's not their job. You have to be totally ballsy, like Marek, and have a strong desire to talk. I'm not. I have my outlet. I have a few outlets. I'm not desperate for people to speak Dutch with.

I do wish I was getting better. I think I've plateaued again, which is not a bad plateau to be on, it's just frustrating.

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