Monday, January 16, 2006


I transfer from a train to a bus every morning at Schiphol Airport on my way to work. Last week, on Monday morning, there were an amazing number of people running through the airport. People ran off the train and up the escalator. There were people running from one side of the lobby to the other. There were people outside running for busses. There was an amazing amount of "running energy" in the building, like the moon was in a strange place.

Years ago in New York, I heard a woman say, "I decided to quit running for busses and subways." She was 50 or so and thought that it was time to realize that there will be another one in a few minutes. I think about her when I see people run - and people run every day in the station, just not as many as last Monday.

Even when I see my bus - the 193 - sitting there, I know that I don't have to run. I've missed it a few times, but it's never more than a ten minute wait. Plus, my commute is timed really well.

It's gotten bitter cold. It's really biting cold on a regular basis. In New York, the biting cold came earlier, like November. Here, it's just after New Year that it's gotten uncomfortable out. Of course I'm still on the bike every day, but not for long distances. Sometimes I have to get something and come back, so the round trip is about a half hour. That's pretty gross, because I'm wrapped up against the cold, but sweating.

But all in all, I like cold, just not this bitter. Standing at the station can be miserable, except that I'm listening to my favorite new morning show, The Rachel Maddow Show, from Air America. She's got a nice take on the news and she's a complete Lefty. What's not to love? Plus, she's a lesbian. And she's got this sidekick that used to do one character on Morning Sedition, before it went off the air. I like him.

The whole commute is about an hour, but I don't mind it. I like having time to listen to a morning show and do a sudoku. I'm starting to do them in pen.

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