Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dyke with Folding Bike

Did I mention that the lesbian that I see most mornings getting on the train rides a folding bike? Generally, she arrives with two bags and has enough time to dismount, unload and fold the bike before the train arrives.

Yesterday, she rode up just as the train was pulling in the station. The train doesn't wait around and she had a little bit of a look in her eyes. I almost offered to help her, but I didn't. I'm still not sure if I know her, and I'm not sure that the common bond of same sex attraction is enough to move past the fact that we don't know each other.

She made it eventually.

It's been so very cold here. So bone cracking cold that I have taken to staying indoors if I don't absolutely have to be outside. Of course I ride my bike everywhere, so that's a little bit of a problem, but it's do-able. It's much better than waiting for a tram or bus. Still, there are times when I am giving myself a pep-talk just so I can get where I need to go.

This morning I arrived just as the train was leaving the station. I had to wait for the next train, which was twelve long, icey-cold minutes away. I actually went and got a cup of coffee, which I never have in the morning. It was sucky coffee (for € 1,50) but it was warm and kept my mind occupied for a while.

The lesbian was already gone when I got there.

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