Thursday, February 16, 2006

Having a Cold

When I first started this job, I was told by a guy who sat next to me that it's completely normal for people to get sick every three months. The windowns don't open and people sort of pass the germs back and forth. Of course, being me, I thought I was immune to that. Turns out that I breath the same air as the rest of these folks. Yuck. And what a rude awakening.

I started feeling something yesterday at the back of my throat, above my soft pallet. It was a tenderness, a rough phleminess that gives me a voice like Lauren Bacall. I heard several years ago that colds last nine days - three days coming, three days being there and three days leaving. I could really dig this one leaving early. Should have been dosing myself with vitamin C, like I said I was going to.

Months ago, I heard about Oscillococcinum. It's Swedish and homeopathic. It can be found at any drug store here in the Netherlands, or in NYC (where I heard about in on the radio first - via podcast). I am four doses into my six dose box. It's only about €6,00 a box. The other thing I've taken is Acetylcysteine Bruis 600 PCH, which I got from the apothotheek here. I like it, but I thought I would give the homeophathy a chance.

What I really miss is Nyquil. I'm sure it's available here somewhere, but it's not in wide use. I like something that knocks me on my ass and makes me sleep for a while. I slept for several hours last night - went to bed at 10:30, which hasn't happened in quite some time.

Last week I was ill and I stayed home. Now I have this cold and I would really rather be here. Maybe after lunch I'll lick some coffee cups or cough on some door knobs. I could sneeze on my hand before I shake the hand of a co-worker. It would be a shame for this cold germ to die with me.

Share the phlem.


Vessa said...

well i found strange ppl that i didn't even know reading my blog and leaving comments so i figured i'd share in it.
That sucks that you are sick
I had the flu for 10 days in jan and then 2 weeks later got strep thoat so i can sympathize. I agree with you NyQuil comments. I got the spins from taking it. Talk about being cracked out. hehe
anyway cheers

Anonymous said...

sorry you are sick, just like you to want to share your toys, what a good boy

I may be into spit, but I'll pass today.

Andy Baker said...

I'm actually the opposite when it comes to commenting. I mostly comment on blogs where I don't know the people, since I don't really know people with blogs - although my good friend, Cowboyprince, decided to make a blog. Let's see what happens there.

P.S. It's the next morning and the cold is intensifying.

Miss Bad Penny said...

Snotty nose & Sexy voice, lekker!!

I love your attitude - SPREAD THE GERM, BABY!! Oh wait, you're no where near Rotterdam, right??

Okay, go ahead, spit on the street, cough without covering your mouth...

Bless Amsterdam!!