Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two Great Free Things

One: Every Sunday morning on the way to church, I listen to This American Life (originally broadcast on Saturdays) on my ipod. This morning's show was called Mind Games. I recommend it. I have a subscription to This American Life because I love it so much. But it's totally free to listen to them on the web. You can "stream" the shows for free. They are always wonderful and Ira Glass is an incredible host. He's one of those people you meet at a party and think, Please, please, please be my new best friend. It's so great that I've put a link to it on my sidebar. (Look to your right.)

Two: I haven't used it alot, but I've been directed to Wikipedia quite a bit lately. It's some wacky system of online encyclopedia where you can add to an entry. So if information is false, you can correct it. However, people can re-correct it, if you get my drift. It's the only place I was able to see those controversial Danish/anti-Muslim (read: whatever) cartoons. It's a huge community resource. I found the correct spelling for "burqua" there. Again, it's so great that I've put a link to it on my sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

Wikitravel is also pretty good.

P.S. Came across your blog through Blog Explosion. :)