Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I wrote a few posts ago that it was finally spring. Well, apparently that was a cruel joke. Yes, it's lightened up a bit, and it's not quite so bitter cold, and there are flowers springing up. But it's still cold. It's cold like I used to say about NYC. "Why the heck am I still wearing this jacket?" And gloves. Sometimes the gloves are a little gratuitous, but I still wear a hat (but that's a New York thing) and I actually wore my ear protectors last night coming home from choir rehearsal. It was cold and rainy.

Last Sunday it was pretty cold, but it was sunny. Fred wanted to to biking, but I declined. The next day at work, a guy said, "It was a great day for a walk at the beach."

I said, "Oh my God. It was way too cold to be out."

He said, "Sure it was cold, but the sun was shining. It's nice for a walk."

That is such a Dutch attitude. The sun is out and you have to go see it. I guess being from Texas, where the sun shines pratically every day, I don't appreciate the sun the same way they do. Like my mother, I enjoy an overcast day. And that is why I'm in the right country. It's gray here a lot.

This is an equation so you can better understand it:

Overcast days in Texas = Sunny days in the Netherlands

I like the gray. I carry the sun in my heart. Besides, we have a little history of skin cancer in my family and I'm a little paranoid.

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