Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Grand Canyon

This is my first photo on the blog and it's Fred and me and the Grand Canyon. (I'm on the right - unlike my politics.) I was excited to see the Grand Canyon again. As I wrote before, the last time I saw it was 26 years ago when my family visited. I was 15 and in a completely pissy mood that day.

However, the day Fred and I were there, it was a beautiful day and we were both feeling really great. We did a helicopter tour, then hiked a bit and then finished the day watching the sunset at the "most popular point on the canyon" at which to watch a sunset - Hopi Point.

The Grand Canyon is a little bit difficult to take pictures of since it's so huge. Then when you look back at the pictures, they all sort of look the same. But it's still well worth a visit. Take water. It gets hot there.

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