Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things Are Going Well

So I've been teaching. It hasn't yet been a full week. Things are going well. I've been told that I will be getting a fair amount of coaching and supervision. This seems fair, as I have never taught before.

Yesterday, I left the school practically floating. It was a very good day. I had three classes. Two of them were cut very short by class photos, which were yesterday and are continuing on to today. So that was a good half hour, almost 45 minutes out of 70 minutes. I had time to take attendance and go over a few things before it was time to go.

The last class was my bilingual class. These are students that are being taught half of their classes in English. Fortunately/unfortunately, there is an introductory program going on for the bilingual program. So half of my class was gone - being used as helpers.

With the half I had left, we played Celebrity. I figured it was a good was to get them talking to see how their English is. The second round was also useful in seeing how they are when their word choice is limited. Have I every explained Celebrity - my favorite game? Just ask and I'll explain. It's very fun. We even got to the third round, which usually doesn't happen.

So my new job is going well. I am suddenly much higher in the hierarchy of the organization. At that last job, I was stuck at the bottom and there was, apparently, no was up for me. But here, I am treated with respect and I have "colleagues." I'm sure that even without that juxtaposition it would be a nice job. Plus, I'm really having to think.

I was actually sort of mean to some kids yesterday. They kept talking and I said, "If you keep talking..." They kept talking. It wasn't a big thing - just a little extra writing assignment. But it was good to do.

Flex those muscles! Show 'em who's boss!


Anonymous said...

Question: Could you please explain Celebrity, your favorite game?

Anonymous said...

I've played a game by the same name, but there were no rounds. Slips of paper with celebrity names are thrown into a bowl and 2 teams are formed. Each team gets one minute to pass the bowl. When the bowl comes to you, you pick a paper with a name on it (Popeye the Sailorman, for instance) and you have to get the team to guess who it is based on clues without saying the celebrity's name.

But this sounds like something completely different. I'm also intrigued... how do you play this version?