Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Windy City

Today, Amsterdam is the Windy City. I woke up and had a informal agreement to be somewhere at 10:00. However, at ten, it was raining pretty hard and the wind was blowing all over the place. I decided to stay in and do some things around the house until the weather calmed down.

One of the craziest things (to me) here are how people park their bikes. There are certain places where people will ride up to the door, get off their bike, and go in (to the store, usually.) People also do that whole "free standing locked bike" think at the train station near our house. These bikes are often moved or knocked down. (They are not connected to anything - a fence, a bike stand, etc.) On a day like today, there are bikes all over the place. The wind is fierce today.

It's like New York City on a rainy, windy day. I was always amazed at all of the broken umbrellas lying all over the streets of Manhattan on a windy day - especially in the Wall Street ares. I'd always shake my head and mutter, "Tourists." Any self-respecting New Yorker knows not to take an umbrella on this kind of day.

All I really want today is to get home. It's a great day to stay in. I did my first cable last night - just a swatch. I also did a swatch for Fred's new sweater. Maybe I'll take some snaps and post them online. It's not a huge thing, but it's progress on the projects I'm working on.

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