Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Scarf Finally Finished

Lest anyone think that all we do around here is travel, let me assure you that I am knitting! My scarf for the ISE4 is finally finished. All I have to do now is block it, which will take away that diagonal thing that's going on in this photo.

I had originally wanted to do something lacy, but found that I needed something that was less complicated than what I was attempting. I settled on this simple cable pattern with a lacy thing (yarn overs) between them. I am cabled out for a while. The good thing was that the pattern was simple enough to memorize.

Fred doesn't really like this photo because, he said, "The chair is not that green." None of them are, dear. But this shows it pretty well. It's not quite sixty inches, but it's long enough and it's super soft - mohair and kid wool. That's done. I may start a sweater now. I have some nice red wool and a recipient in mind.

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