Friday, June 29, 2007

Results of ISE4

I believe I've written about my adventures in ISE4 (International Scarf Exchange 4). It's officially over and I'm a little remiss in writing about it. So to wrap it up, I'll write about it.

This is a picture of me standing in one of our front windows. It's a beautiful scarf, very long, like I like scarves. Maude also sent me a fused glass pin, some stitch markers which I've already begun using and some candy that I've heard about, but can't get here. (Poor expats living in Europe.) It was a wonderful gift and I recieved it on my 42nd birthday, which was a very nice surprise. (I also got my Addi Turbos that I'd ordered, so the Universe, and my supplier, delivered.)

I also read a lovely post by Jen about the scarf that I sent. You read that here.

there are so many other exchanges that I am not participating in - sock exchanges, secret pal exchanges, etc. - they sound like a lot of fun. It's mostly women and mostly in the US, so I don't see myself participating right now, or maybe ever since postage is a factor in both directions. For the one it wasn't a big deal at all, but as on ongoing thing, I think it might get a little pricey.

So next year I will sign up again for ISE5. Good experience and a really nice scarf to boot.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I never sign up for exchanges as I have a fear of my package never arriving or somehow otherwise disappointing my partner! Glad yours worked out well...

melanie said...

I never sign up for exchanges either, even though I'm a woman in the US. That's a gorgeous scarf though, maybe you should reconsider!

(saw ya on the tattoo group in ravelry)