Saturday, July 28, 2007

Croatia Post - Four

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city. It took us five (or six, depending on how you count) hours to get here. The coast of Croatia is pretty beautiful, see it if you get a chance. The highway is two lanes the whole way, traffic slowing to a crawl only a couple of times. We actually drove through Bosnia and Herzegovia yesterday and saw the turn off to Sarajevo, which was pretty cool - and apparently fairly recovered from the mess it was a while ago.

We walked to the center from our hotel last night and then again today. The main strip, just as you walk into town is sort of fake looking, like a Disney version of what Dubrovnik would look like. This is because it was destroyed and built back. It’s a little too clean looking, but the side streets are congested and messy enough to make the main strip not matter.

There are lots of churches, which are okay, but nothing that special. There are also lots of shops where you can buy art. A big thing here is Na├»ve painting. We almost bought one. I’ll have to read up on it when we return. We went to two monastaries today. Here's the garden of one.

One thing we did today, which was really tiring and beautiful, was walk the wall that is around the old city. Great views, lots of stairs, two kilometers around. I am glad Fred didn’t tell me that it was two kilometers until we were almost finished.

The city it very walky as there is only foot traffic in the old city. Throngs of people. This is an amazingly popular destination and there have even been some Americans, which always surprises me. We had two very nice meals today. It’s all about what you order.

For lunch it was salads and this evening it was pasta. Simple, difficult to screw up. Oh. And it was very hot today. We were drenched with sweat for the greater part of the day. Still having fun. Tomorrow we’re off to Sibenik – 350 kilometers. We’ll leave early.

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