Tuesday, October 02, 2007

...Had a Great Fall

See that tiny little dot almost on the middle of the picture? It's just above what looks like a little table sticking out from the bottom of the balcony towards the right. It's just a speck, really.

That's my ipod. My little green mini, which they don't make any more.

I was on the balcony when I turned and the cord to the earbuds got caught on something and the ipod went flying down to the brick patio. I said a four letter word. We live on the fifth floor (that's the sixth in the US), so that's a good long fall. It was an audible "Fwap!" I think it even bounced.

Here's a picture of it blown up laying on the cold brick. It really sucks because I listen to it all the time. I have my morning radio show, podcasts I knit to, shows I listen to on the bike, shows I listen to while I clean out the dishwasher. So I sort of had the wind knocked out of me seeing it so far away.
When I first got an ipod, it fell from about waist height, not even two and a half feet, maybe three. It worked for a few minutes and then I got the sad face on the screen that means it's broken. I was terribly sad and it took the store a week to get me a new one. It was still under warrenty, so it didn't cost many anything. In fact, it quit working twice. This is my third.

So when I saw this one laying five floors below, I wasn't optimistic. I have been thinking about buying a new ipod - ipod touch - but I heard that there were some problems and I wanted to wait until the "next generation." I considered buying a nano just to get me through, but I'm not the kind to buy technology to use for a while and then upgrade before the one I just bought is obsolete, which is why I still have a mini.

So I left a note in my best Dutch on the door of the people on the first floor. A few hours later, a guy called me and said I could pick it up.

How happy was I that it works? Very. I'm amazed. I should write Apple and tell them. It's a Christmas miracle, just a little early.

On the way back up to our apartment, the elevator quit working and now it's broken again, after three weeks of repair work and four days of working. But my ipod is fine and all is well in my world.


Elemmaciltur said...

Well, thank goodness the iPod still works!

Charles said...

I know~~~
Since I got mine ipod,,,,I will watch out mine too!

Mama Mojo said...

Things always bounce before falling, or crashing to the ground. It is a law of physics... :-)