Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost Half-way

A friend and fellow blogger wrote me yesterday saying, "This posting business is becoming a bit of a drag." I agree to some extent. However, mostly I'm enjoying it - as is she.

It's an interesting challenge, this writing a post every day. I know that you're "allowed" to write only a sentence or post a picture and call it a post, but I always feel like I should write a post. (Of course then I get going and I can't stop -- I'm thinking of yesterday and Brooke.) Sometimes I have a whole list of topics in my head and then I sit down to write and my subject suddenly seems like a really stupid idea or it goes nowhere.

One thing that I've found really difficult to write about is language-related stuff with Dutch and English. There are some points that I'd like to make, observations that I'd like to point out, but it takes a little bit of an understanding of Dutch. And then I try to explain the Dutch to make my point and then it starts going on and on. And it gets really tedious and long. So I think I'll stick to "just stuff."

I've looked on other blogs. Some people are doing lists, which is fine - no judgement. I would do a list if it was more than just a list, if it led to something. I just hate to do rambling on about finding ideas.

Anyway, this all makes me think about how often I'd like to post when this whole thing is over. I think that blogging every day is a bit much on an ongoing basis - although it's a nice exercise for November. If this was some sort of crazy political blog, or some Hollywood gossip blog, it would be necessary to blog every day. Goodness knows that it's necessary to keep daily tabs on the latest goings on of Brittney Spears or Dick Cheney. (Did I actually type his name into my blog?) But it's not. However, I know I've been sort of a slacker now and then and I want to be more consistant with the blogging. I'm thinking three times a week, but I'll need to schedule myself.

And what about the focus? I like the "what's going on in Amsterdam" thing. It's interesting and nice for me to keep tabs on what I'm doing, and what's going on here. And I like the knitting focus, although I feel like my progress is so slow that to have a whole blog about only knitting would be...a long time between posts. And then there's the occasional travel that Fred and I do. We don't get out of the house much, but we sometimes get away for the weekend. So I want to leave that in. So that's what I'll write about - and what I've been writing about for since this little blog began a few years ago. (July 27, 2004. My sister's 37th birthday.)

I completely forgot to say anything about my "blog-aversary." Oh well. There's always next year. I figure this will go on for a while. I like the communal aspect of it. I've seen blogs come and go. It's sort of sad to see them go, but I understand.

Okay. That's a post for today. Now I'm going to go knit myself some socks.

Don't judge me on this one post, please.

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Alyssa said...

No judging. I think sometime we all need to just ramble.