Thursday, November 29, 2007

Month's End Mish-Mosh

I took this picture of the ceiling of the church I attend thinking that it would be good inspiration for a sweater design. That said, I feel like I am a slow knitter. A steady knitter, but a slow one. Sort of like I read. Slowly, but steady. I've tried to read faster, but my brain just doesn't want to. I walk fast. I ride my bike fast. I think pretty fast - sometimes my comebacks are like lightning - but I don't read fast. Not sure if it's something I should work on or not.

My brain has been in a strange spot since I returned from Ohio. I can't believe that it's already Thursday. During the day on Tuesday, I felt like my body and my brain were about two inches off. No problem. I just barreled on through.

Patty gave me the soundtrack for Wicked while we were in Ohio. Fred and I saw it in London last year and when the touring company got to Ohio, Patty went and fell in love with it like she had fallen in love with Rent. I had the good fortune of seeing Idina Menzel as Elphaba in London. She's really great. There's a great song towards the end that reminds me of Patty. For Good. That's a link to the song with a video montage on YouTube. (Now let's see if Patty reads my blog.)

I almost want to reflect on what it's been like to blog every day for a month. It was a real challenge. Of course some days I felt completely inspired and I wrote really long posts. But some days I felt like I just couldn't do anything but blather on - or write about the pissoir. So here I am at the end with this mish-mosh of unrelated stuff.

In NYC, I saw a therapist for a long time (like many New Yorkers). I'd been in therapy school and they suggested we all find a therapist, and I stayed with mine for...well, for the whole time I was in NYC. It was really nice, luxurious. At one point I was seeing him twice a week. (I had a lot on my mind.) It really shaped who I am to be able to talk about myself for 45 minutes a week. And work things out and see patterns in my behavior. But my point is...

I could tell five different stories and then when I paused for a breath, he'd have found the link in the five stories. He was really good at what he did. I sort of wish I had that here. I'm very much geared to that sort of thing. That self-reflection/navel-gazing. It's not necessarily narcissism. It's more that I like to know why I'm doing something and why I believe what I do.

And tomorrow I will gaze into my navel (figuratively) and figure out exactly how many words I wrote in this blog this month.

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patty said...

Oh you. Of course that song makes me think of you. And when Grace sings it, I cry.
Minor correction- I saw Wicked in NY when Bill and I were there on a quick trip. I hate to think your readers think I never leave OH. We will be seeing the touring company in OH with Will and Grace, who will be in full Elphaba regalia.