Friday, November 23, 2007

New Day

My whole day was thrown off by the fact that I slept a normal amount of time last night. By not waking up at 5:00 in the morning (I woke up at 8:15), I didn't get my tv/knitting time in and I didn't get my blogging time in. By the time I came downstairs, someone was in the tv room and just a little bit later, the rest of the house started waking up. However, I feel like I should blog on Amsterdam time rather than "cheat" and use midnight here as my deadline. I'm just that way.

We went to Cosco (the American version of Makro) today. I asked Fred if he thought it was possible that a Makro (the Dutch version of Cosco) was as big. He did a sort of shrugging and looking around thing mumbling that he'd never been in a Makro. I said to Patty, "That's a no. There's no way. The Dutch are just not as consumery as Americans." I wish he'd brought the camera inside like I...sort of imagined asking him to do. I wanted to take a picture and put it on the bloge. Didn't happen. Just imagine the largest football stadium in the world covered by a roof and filled to the rafterswith shelves and products. Okay, that's too big. Scale it back. (That's why I needed a picture.)

The weather here is such that the leaves are still on the trees and there's still a lot of color. Maybe we can get a few snaps tomorrow and I can put one on later. I'm getting a very weak and accidental wireless signal on my laptop. I think it's from one of the neighbors. It makes me very happy with the Internet connection I have at home, which is super fast.

Anyway, the weather is very mild, but still cold. And we go everywhere by car, which is sort of interesting. The whole bundle up to get on the bike and ride for twenty minutes seems very "old Europe."

Oh! I bought a new ipod. We were in Costco and I saw and ipod Classic for a decent price, considering the dollar-euro thing that's going on now. Plus, my ipod mini, has about 5.5 GB where as my new ipod Classic has 160 GB. That's like moving from a storage closet to a mansion. So I'm happy about that. I was going to get an ipod Touch, but I think I'll wait. That sounds like a lot of flash at this point. Plus, this has a screen, which is all I really care about in terms of upgrade, except for sheer space.

Okay. Still having a great time. Wish you were here. (Just kidding. The house is big, but not that big.)

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