Thursday, December 27, 2007

Koolhaas and a Happy New Year

While struggling to finish those socks, I was meandering thorugh my link list and I came across this pattern by Jared Flood of Brooklyntweed. (Go see the pictures. They're really wonderful.) I took this picture of my own after the sun had gone down and it's not the best, but I promised Butch that I would put up a picture so that he could see what it was that I was going on about.

Of course, on Ravelry, there are literally hundreds of people either in the process of making the Koolhaas or finished with it. Check out Elem's. It's completely different and very smart looking. The pattern is fascinating. It's a lot of fiddling with the cable needle, but it's worth it, and after a while, it makes sense.

Jared also has some of the best pictures of knitting that I've come across. When I met Fabienne a few months ago, she said (I believe she said), "He has this camera." She pointed to her own. (Look what else you can see on Fabienne's blog.) Fred and I are in the market for a new camera. We bought each other less stuff this year because we're going in on a really nice camera - and we're going to London for New Years. Speaking of nice pictures, check out Elem's pictures. He also does a very nice job with the photos. Completely different from Jared's. Elem uses a light box, from what I understand. I use the sun and the dining room table.

So anyway, I went and bought the pattern from Interweave. It was only $4.50 which is (as of this moment) €3,09. I screwed up when I started knitting because I started on the written instructions instead of the chart. But I ripped it out and started again. It's very doable and I like the results.

The socks will get done. They're good airplane knitting. It's the foot that always makes me nuts. I don't mind the leg, the heel flap and heel turn are no problem and decreasing at the gusset keeps my interest. But that foot! I'm tired of the pattern. It's lots of straight knitting.

We're leaving for London tomorrow morning. We're going to The British Museum, The London Bridge Museum and maybe a day trip to Canterbury if we can swing it. We're focusing on things we've never done. We're also seeing Les Miserables, which is something I've never seen, but which my good friend, Patty, has talked about (with enthusiasm) in the past. Once I've seen that, I can get that punched on my gay card. We were going to see The Mousetrap last time we were there, but some old queen talked us out of it. It's been playing for about 55 years and he said the actors basically sleepwalk through the performance. But every time it comes up, we both grouse about the old queen who talked us out of seeing it. Picture an old priss pot seated behind a ticket counter with his eyelids fluttering, moving back slightly as if he'd just smelled bad cheese. "Oh, no no, dear. You can skip that..." Now we want to see it just to spite the old girl.

So have a Happy New Year. This is Andy B signing off for 2007. Tune in next year!


Elemmaciltur said...

Have a great New Year!

Yes, I use a light box, but my photos aren't done with a DSLR, just a point-and-shoot. ;-)

Crafty Andy said...

The Koolhaas is looking great!