Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twin Globes

Last year after Christmas, Fred and I went to Florida, which was fairly nice. We had a good time. Lots of sitting on the beach reading. We were based in Naples and spent New Year's Eve in Miami Beach. Anyway, while we were there, haunting the Starbucks a few times a day, I picked up one of these snow globes to add to my snow globe collection. It was on sale and I like it a lot. There was another model that didn't thrill me so much.

Then, going through customs at the airport, I was forced to hand it over because it was more than three ounces of liquid and the incredibly robotic guy at security (who was just following orders - whatever) had to follow the ridiculous rule and take it from me, and I flew back to Europe without that snow globe. I also had another smash on the floor somewhere else. Not a good week for snow globes.

Of course it was e-Bay to the rescue. I bought a replacement and had it sent to Patty's where I could pick it up at Thanksgiving. So she hands me the package, which I had completely forgotten about, and I put it in our room with my suitcase. A little while later, she says, "Look what I bought for you?" It was the same snow globe.

I said, "Thanks! Did I tell you about how mine was taken from me in Florida?" Of course it was perfect, exactly the one that I wanted. Later in our bedroom, I opened the package she'd given me earlier and saw that I had a duplicate. I didn't tell her. It never came up and it was a busy weekend in Ohio. But now I have twins.

Of course I don't mind having two of the same since I like it so much. My snow globe collection mostly has to do with places. Countries, cities, states, etc. And I've also now got a small collection of Christmas themed snow globes. I don't want to get into too many other areas. I like the travel thing.

Fred and I put up the tree last night. We bought it across the street for €30. It's a nice looking tree. I'll have to take pictures. So funny each year to drag out all of the stuff and sort of be surprised at what you find - every year.

It really is getting to be Christmas. I'm not dreading it this year like I have in years past. But I have one more thing to buy.


Mel said...

I've never owned a snow globe, but I can claim credit for starting someone else's collection.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank God my father, a more frequent reader, obviously, of your blog than me, told me about this. I can thank you for avoiding the obvious twin reference. Hope you are having a fun Christmas!