Sunday, January 27, 2008

Letting It Fly

I just finished another pair of gloves. These are for the friend I wrote about a little while ago. She asked for them last time we were together, but I don't think she thought I'd actually make them. Partially because I like her a lot, partially because she has small hands, and partially because I really wanted to try the Knucks pattern, I decided to barrel ahead and make these. They took me right about a week. I'd say less than a week.

I did all the fingers in pairs on two circulars. That went pretty quickly (a little tedious, but nothing too horrible) and then I was off to the races. The body of the glove goes pretty fast because it's all stockinette and then it's just however many inches of two by two ribbing that you want. I did 2.75 inches of ribbing. I'm not even sure they'll fit her, but I'm pretty sure they'll be close. We'll see.

One more note for anyone who's interested about the particulars of this little project. The yarn suggested is Rowan Felted Tweed and I used Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply. Since my yarn was quite a bit thinner than the suggested yarn, I used the Men's stitch count and came up with a reasonable women's glove. I didn't adjust from there. I think I rarely follow a pattern to the T - or have I ever?

I've also made some headway on my Noro scarf. Again, not as beautiful as Mr. Flood's Noro scarf, but keep in mind that it's a different yarn (his is wool-silk, mine just wool) and a different colorway, and mine is lying on the floor with light from the window where as I think he has angels stand around the room in the right spots shedding celestial light. They might even be holding the scarf. But I'm just guessing. Still, it'll be interesting to see if people say anything about my new Noro scarf when I eventually wear it. (My plain-Jane scarf gets all the attention while my favorite new one gets nothing. I think I've whined about that though, haven't I?)

I ran across a pattern that is so totally not me, but which I might try because I actually have the right yarn in my stash AND I have the right needles. It's got some beading on it, which could be interesting or could be a complete headache. Not sure who the recipient would be, but it's pretty. Look at the pattern really quickly, even if you're one of those people who doesn't follow links. It's pretty.

Work is winding down to the extent that this next week I have quite a bit of free time. I'm listening to Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. It's good stuff. Nothing really new, but I had a couple of credits in my audible account and I'd heard about it. I hope it will spur me on to get some stuff done. Not everything applies, but as they used to say when I worked with the drug addicts - if it don't apply, let it fly.


Anonymous said...

Andy, I think your scarf is beautiful! And how do you get so many things FINISHED??

Elemmaciltur said...

Hahaha, you got me ROFLing so hard with your description of Jared's photos comparing to yours.