Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stash and Rolfing

Last night I finally finished this scarf. I wanted to get it to just over a meter and a half. So It's 167 cm. It's a pretty scarf, and I wore it today when I went to get rolfed.

I think the thing with slightly itchy wool is that I can wear it in when it's really cold. It's when it gets less cold that I can start to feel the itchiness. What I'm saying by that is that I can't tell if it's itchy even after wearing it for an hour or so because it's so amazingly cold outside.

Now I'm going to wash it and see if it softens up a bit - or a lot, which is what I'm hoping. It's really one of the most boring patterns I've ever done. Maybe even more so than straight stockinette. It's just slip the first stitch and the P1 K1 to the end, repeat, repeat, repeat. I started it in November and I did a lot of other knitting when it got too boring.

The women who sold me this yarn at Stitch 'n Bitch 2007 in Rotterdam suggested that I get three skeins (at €12 each!) and that I do it in garter stitch, which didn't appeal to me at all. Now I have a skein and a half left over. It'll sit in the stash until I forget the experience. Not a bad yarn to knit with, just a bit of a bore in terms of pattern. Here's a nice close up.
Rolfing today was probably one of the most intense sessions I've had to date, including the one where he was focused on my groin. Maybe it's because I'm a little ill. Today was the seventh session. Lots of hip stuff. The groin is the forth session. It's the one where I said, "I'm glad we got to know each other before you did that session." It was sort of...intimate.

I'm going to try to finish another scarf I have been doing. It's a very nice scarf, very soft, cashmere in a sort of lilac yarn. I'm tired of seeing it on my Ravelry account as a "work in progress." That's what I like about Ravelry. It reminds me of what I have on the needles and it makes me want to finish.

Yesterday, I took pictures of, and catalogued, almost all of my stash. I put it up on Ravelry and I encourage anyone who has a Ravelry account to go look at it. It took several hours and I want someone to look at it.

That reminds me of a story my shiatsu guy in NYC once told me. He said he had a client who told him that she was in a public toilet and she had the perfect poop. She was so proud of it that she wished she had a camera. She wanted someone to see it. So what did she do? She didn't flush. People are funny. So go look at my stash if you can.

For anyone interested, I have 32 types of yarn currently catalogued (that includes enough skeins for seven pairs of socks and one sweaters worth of yarn) and it adds up to 10.04 kilometers, or 6.24 miles. If that sounds like it might take up the whole house, you should know that it fits neatly in about seven shoe boxes.

I've also got a shoebox worth of yarn that I'm tired of looking at and that I'm sending to a women's prison somewhere.

Again, it was a lot of work, but I'm glad to have it done.


Anonymous said...

Andy! Wow you've been busy! I DID go look at your Ravelry pages and all your stash. Now you have to go look at mine. :-) I only have a couple of projects up there so far.
Your stuff looks great and I'm envious of all your finished projects.
What's the event in Feb?

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I cam across you blog while searching for some information about Rolfing in the Netherlands.

Is the person you're seeing taking new clients and would you please post how i can get in touch with them?

Thanks for your help,


Andy Baker said...


He's taking new clients. Email me and I'll give you his information. He's really great, as I've written in a couple of posts. Very nice guy, very experienced, totally knows what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Andy. :)

I've sent you an email.