Thursday, January 10, 2008

Work, Knit, Vote

Last Monday morning I had a dream. I was a student in school, probably college, and I had just had a two week break. Classes were starting the next day and I had not prepared for any of my classes. I was exhausted. I was bemoaning the start up of classes and I was desperately trying to find a room I could go in and cry for a bit to release my frustration. That feeling of starting to cry was right in my throat as I unsuccessfully searched for a room. Then I woke up and it was time to get out of bed. Thus, my work week had begun.

I guess I was a little anxious about work starting up again, huh? I hadn't really done much preparation and I hadn't been that interested in doing much more than knitting and reading. I had ten lessons to do this week plus an intake interview this morning, so I had a lot of my plate.

Now it's Friday afternoon and everything is done. It went well. I had the last lesson with one of my favorites this week. He was someone I really looked forward to seeing each week. I'll miss seeing him. I also had a pack of lawyers who always make me a little nervous (their expectations and demands are really high) and I had a guy who wanted to do negotiation skills, which I felt unprepared for. My intake went well. It was my first. It was a such a week. But it was probably one of my best weeks yet. I'm glad it's over.

I've been knitting on my gloves. Again, I have a picture of the gloves as they were, not as they are. They look so nice. This wool is wonderful. If you haven't used it, get some and do something with it. I've started on the fingers. I've got four done. On double points, they took an hour each. With two circulars, they are more along the lines of half an hour. then there's a little repair work and weaving in of ends that has to be done. Good work to do in front of the television.

I'm rewriting the pattern, not completely, but I added some stitches and the pattern is written for double pointed needles. I want to have it for when I do these again. I sat for twenty minutes yesterday figuring out what the stitch count is for each finger. It was a mind bender, but I did it. It's going well.

Fridays are turning out to be a day on which I am really exhausted. I've been getting up early every day (6:00) to prepare. I like being up early, but it just chips away at my sleep and I am sleep deprived by Friday. On a late Friday morning when I have nothing scheduled, all I want to do is nap, so I do. I woke up at 12:15 after sleeping for a half an hour and sprang to my feet trying to figure out what day it was and whose lesson I was late for.

I got my absentee ballot on Monday, filled it out and sent it off. After hearing Rachel Maddow say that in a primary you should vote your heart, and after listening to an interview with Dennis Kucinich, I filled in the dot next to his name and sent out the form. I know he won't win, but what a world it would be if he would - or even if he could. Of course I'll vote for Clinton or Obama, or even Edwards, when the time comes. I'm leaning towards Obama. His concession speech for New Hampshire gave me chills. "Yes we can."

I'm enjoying my job, but it's much more exhausting than I thought it would be. I didn't think there would be this constant preparation. Of course it will even out after I have a few more months of these lessons under my belt and I have more to draw on, but for now, it's exhausting.

Now it's the weekend. I'll enjoy the time off.


Mama Mojo said...

Wow. What beautiful gloves! You're so talented! I love it.

I'm sure that working is good for everyone... One of these days soon I'm sure I'll be doing the same.

I read that if Obama wins, the Democrats will loose the race because he won't be able to win over enough marginal constituencies as Hillary. And then I also read that Republican pundits are very happy and positive about Obama.... Still, I agree with you. He appeals to me a lot more than the other candidates. I got my ballot this week, too, and I will probably pencil in his oval... :-)

Hope all's well with you.

Eric & Tony said...

I'll likely vote Kucinich in the primary -- even if he is running at <1%. Gotta go with the one who best represents you.