Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Baby Hat

I was not able to squeeze two hats (a large and a small) out of that ball of yarn I wrote about in the last post. So I went off my yarn diet and bought another ball of Cashcotton DK at De Afstap, our local yarn store - or LYS to those who speak yarn speak. One ball. The dye lot wasn't the same. But, as they say in Texas, it's close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades. I think I'm going start making a lot of baby hats. They appeal to that part of me that wants everything done right now. And while I was perusing free patterns on Ravelry, it occurred to me that there's a whole bunch of yarn that I have in my stash that I can't stand to look at (but that is perfectly lovely) that I can use for baby hats! And the stash gets smaller.

This little top loop was inspired by either Kelli Petkun of the Knit Picks Podcast or Cat from LetsKnit2Gether. They both talked about the wonders of i-cord. Both are dependable, fun podcasts - and both can be found on iTunes. Actually, LetsKnit2Gether is a videocast, which is a really nice addition to the knitting podcast world. They are two of my favorites, which I've been meaning to write about for a bit. Of course, if you don't listen to knitting podcasts, this is probably not going to convince you to start. And if you already listen to them, then you already know about them, but I am recommending.

There's a new podcast out there by two guys in San Fransisco. Y Knit. Like the chromosome. I gave it a listen. It's pretty good. They interviewed Debbie Stoller, who I once called "foxy" on this blog and I got a lot of raised eyebrows at the SnB the following Monday. But another of my favorite podcasts, SSK, just came back. They were off for a while and showed up again with no warning or fanfare. Their audio is much better and they are fun girls to listen to. So as Fred would say, a couple of girls doing a podcast and...a couple of girls doing a podcast.

On Sunday, I started the Baby Surprise Jacket three times. The first time, I got to about the eleventh row and I realized that I was decreasing wrong (note to self: read the instructions every time) and the second time I got to the end of the first row and realized that I hadn't cast on enough stitches. I was ten short. If this yarn wasn't so wonderful (Cashsoft 4 Ply), I would be going nuts. I'm pretty tired of casting on, but that's over and I'm going to finish this - dammit.

Fred bought the Amy Winehouse CD this weekend, so we've been listening to that over and over. If you haven't heard it, you ought. I love that I'm like the last person on the block to figure something out and I recommend stuff like it's the newest thing. Aren't I just?

The Sally gloves officially made it to California and they fit! Here's a snap of Chris, the recipient. He wrote me a very nice note of thanks. He's 18, so it may have been with his mother hanging over him for every key stroke. Or maybe not. My mother had to stand over me to write thank you notes - and that was the days before keystrokes.

Okay. I promise no (or little) knitting talk on my next post.


Denise said...

What a sweet little baby hat!

Littlelou said...

Fred has great taste! The Amy Winehouse album has been on my ipod for months..finding it hard to listen to anything else.