Tuesday, March 04, 2008

E is for Eieren

Every year weeks before Easter, these little chocolate eggs show up everywhere. Bakeries, chocolate shops, grocery stores. Eieren, by the way, means 'eggs' in Dutch. It's pronounced: eye-ren. And one egg is pronounced: eye. It's spelled ei.

I had the great idea to take an arty picture of some foil covered eggs and I was out on the balcony giving it a go (as our British friends might say) and I handed the camera to Fred and said, "You try." This one of his. He's good with the camera. He's not fond of the two pinks in the front, but he couldn't duplicate it when he tried again. I don't mind it. It breaks some rule and I like that.

The Dutch Department of Chocolate Consumption produces chocolate eggs several weeks before Easter, big chocolate letters weeks before Sinterklaas (5 December), and little chocolate wreaths in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The whole point of this department is to keep the Dutch (and the innocent expatriates like myself) eating chocolate all year round. And it's working. You can get fairly good chocolate - and other treats with chocolate on them - at the grocery store. You don't even have to go to an expensive candy shop.

They have regular eggs here, too. Nothing to write home about, which is why the chocolate ones made it onto the blog and the regular ones didn't.


Littlelou said...

Yeh, for chocolate! I admit I eat it almost every day but its only now as I approach my mid-30's its starting to show on my midrift..dammit!

Lab Cat said...

Dutch chocolate is the best. Yah, for Droste.

The Droste we can get in the US just does not taste the same.