Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I just saw a website about a project called 13 Isolations. It's going to be done here in The Netherlands - the deadline to enter is April 21. The idea is that they're going to have thirteen "artists-in-residence" of various backgrounds from all over the world in isolation in prison for 29 days making art. They want to reflect ‘spaces to avoid’: repression, imprisonment and isolation. Isolated in a room making art for a month. Hmmm...Not such a bad thing.

One of the things on my list of "Things I'd Like to Do Before I Die" is to be on a reality show. I think I'd be an engaging character. Last night we watched the next to the last episode of Project Runway - Season 3. (Don't tell me who won. I'd rather wait.) I think I'd do well on a show like that. I actually applied for Season Two of Survivor. I was so confident that I had a little anxiety about how I would have to take a pause on graduate school. Obviously, I didn't make the cut, which was a good thing in the end.

Anyway, about this Isolation project, I was just thinking about how much fun it would be to write and knit all day. (I mean, it happens some days, but what if that were my job?!) Of course I think they're looking for flashier stuff: canvases filled with paint and images of oppression, sculptures manically put together with lots of bondage symbolism. I'm not sure writing would cut it for the cameras. I could certainly spend my days working on knitwear that had something to do with poverty and wrongful imprisonment, but, again I don't think they're looking for that.

And Fred would hate it. First of all, I think he likes having me around and he would miss me (and I him), but we're also planning a vacation during the time when it's going to happen, so that would sort of wreck our plans.

The whole idea sort of fascinates me. What if there was not real housework to speak of and if meals were taken care of? Aside from the fact that I really like spending time in the evenings with Fred, being imprisoned 24/7 would be pretty okay with me. Longer than that would probably get annoying, I'm guessing.

I'm good with the alone thing. Of course I have lots to do - and the option to go out when I want. My big question is: What would I be able to take with me? Here are my requirements (in case the producers are reading this and they have to have me.)

  1. My ipod - and access to updating podcasts
  2. My laptop (I would like Internet access, but I could do without it.)
  3. Knitting supplies and all the yarn and needles I wanted/needed
  4. Comfortable clothing that's weather appropriate
  5. A good chair
  6. Reading material
  7. Coffee

Sounds more like a vacation from life. It's one of those things that I fantasize about, but then I think about Fred, as I said, and I really do enjoy being around him. It would suck to not have any contact for a month. And I have all these social obligations every week, but I could miss them for a month.

The spaces are pretty great. It's not a little 6' x 8' cell. The rooms seem pretty big. Of course it's nicer to be here and have what I need, and a comfortable bed and Fred.

My reality series fantasy is less of a reality living in The Netherlands, but a guy can dream. I'd actually prefer a group thing. To me, that's part of the fun of the shows - watching the contestants interact. If you hear of anything, tell me.


Anonymous said...

Andy, your description of a vacation from life sounds heavenly. I'd volunteer in a second.
(p.s. thanks for the nice comment on my blog :-) )

Lindsay said...

I'd say at least try for it.

Because sure, they might want "flashier" art... but I think having a knitter/writer on there would add some variety to the show.

What have you got to lose just by trying?

Anonymous said...

I think if I were on a reality show I would probably be the most annoying person ever. THey wouldn't have to edit me to make me look like a wacko as I NEVER shut my mouth. People at home would be like "Preita, alright, we get it already, shut it!"

jenfromRI said...

Yup, that list sounds like just about exactly what I would need, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
i am 1 of the artists selected for the isolations projects...did you apply/make it?
Am now getting jittery - you were thinking of fred but i got a hubby and 2 little kids too! and home is far away (india). do you think i may go nuts?
by the way, books and music are allowed and i guess i could hold monologues with the self!
megha joshi

Andy Baker said...

Meghi Joshi, I did not end up entering. I thought I might, but life interfered. I'll look for you on the website. Can't wait to see how that goes. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy, I pulled out...too many reasons to list. Enjoy reading your syuff. best, megha