Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just Off a Knitting Binge

Since that twined knitting workshop at the beginning of April, I haven't done much other than twine knitting. I've done a few things and I've finally stopped to work on something else that is time sensitive. And today I took some pretty good pictures of the twined knitting I've been working on. Not everything is finished, but it's surprisingly nice looking stuff.

My first hat looks nice on, although I don't know that I'd wear it. It's a little too much of a look. I mean, I've got a "look," (we all do) but the hat isn't part of my look. Plus, my eye is drawn to every flaw - and there are plenty. Someone else wouldn't see them. Nice swirl, eh?

The next thing I did was make a little bag to use up what was left over after the hat was done. I did some experimenting. I'm particularly crazy about the green stripe that goes around the whole thing. I need to finish this off, but it's that non-knitting finishing that I'm not crazy about.

Then I started this hat. It took a while to do and at the end of it, it felt like I was making a rug. That Tibetan green wool is a really stiff knit. But it softens up when it's blocked and this will be a nice winter hat. It was suddenly much bigger than I planned, so it goes way over my ears - but now it's perfect. I'm crazy about the little loop on top. It's not too fruity and looks very functional. The whole thing is very sturdy and masculine. I saw those stripes up the side in a book and I wanted to see how that was done. I like it.

Here's a great shot of it up close. That green yarn has recycled silk through it. Tons of nice flecks of color. I'm really happy with it because right at the end I thought it was going to be absolute crap and it was going to the donation pile. And now it's beautiful.

On the plane to Rome, I started a pair of mittens with a yarn I've been itching to get rid of for years. This orange is so obnoxious in a ball, but it's a super wash wool, and I hung on to it. I hate looking at it. But as a second color in these mittens it's totally do-able. They'll be good kid mittens, I think. Easy to find. Still a tiny bit of finishing to do - the thumb, for instance.

This twined knitting has really made me love knitting on a different level. Manipulating a piece of string with two needles is fascinating. There are tons of things you can do. I'm really enjoying it. I noticed, though, that I don't cast on for these twined things very well. I need a quick lesson so I can make the cast on look really good.

I'm itching to start on my next thing. After doing that twined knitting for a while, regular knitting seems to go really quickly. And that's been my month in knitting


Anonymous said...

totally love that hat!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. I agree about the orange yarn - pairing it with that creamy white was just the thing! I'll have to remember that trick on one of my knitting projects. I've not tried twined knitting but may have to give it a whirl. Take care - Joe, in Wyoming