Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I am an avid podcast listener. Some people regale people with tales of the cool music their parents exposed them to growing up. What I remember is contemporary Christian music on 8-track tapes and talk radio. Most fondly, I remember Paul Harvey (Good day!) but I'm sure there were others. And since I'm not really a listener of radio, when I return to the land from whence I came, I usually choose a talk radio station. It's always a "you live in America, learn English" tone, but it's fun to listen to if you think of it as radio theater - think Stephen Colbert, but sadly, they're serious.

On Monday at knitting, a friend suggested that I post the list of podcasts that I like that I had sent her via Ravelry. The list I sent her was the good, the bad and the undecided, plus some non-knitting related podcasts that I listen to. Since I am not one to put up my bad list for the public to see, I'll edit that out. Here, with a few modifications is my list:


Cast On - the first and best knitting podcast. For the uninitiated, start at the beginning and go from there. She’s on a once-a-month thing now, so savor all you can while it’s all still new to you.

Let's Knit2gether - a video podcast. She's sort of a strange bird, but it's well produced and educational. And really, she's absolutely lovely and it's smartly done.

Stash and Burn - a couple of girls from SF. Chatty and enjoyable. I always feel like I’m listening to friends chat. One of the ones that I listen to on public transportation, rather than just while knitting.

Sticks and String - probably the second best knitting podcast. Done by a man, David Reidy. He has a format and is very clear about everything he does.

Y knit - two queens from SF. It’s new. Sort of quirky, but fun. They do a lot of interviews and stuff.

On the Fence:

Knitmoregirls - a mother-daughter thing. Okay when there’s nothing else on. Very chatty and they have a format...sort of.

Gone and I miss them:

Unwound - well done and my voice is on a couple because I called in when she asked for listener input

Knitty Dee and the City - they vanished and their website is a total mess. It's like a great house you used to visit that's totally haunted now.

Non-knitting favorites:

This American Life - love love love this one. If you're not listening to it, you should. It's great!

A Prairie Home Companion - I always get a laugh from it. Short and to the point.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross - I've written about her. She's smart and fun to listen to.

I didn't tell her, but I also listen to Rachel Maddow on Air America and then I switch to Countdown with Keith Olberman and then for old-times sake, I watch Katie Couric on her evening news broadcast. I like Katie. We were together every morning in the Nineties.

These are all available via iTunes. (I'd be lost without iTunes.)

The good thing about knitting podcasters is that they promote each other. They play promos and talk about others. Would love to hear your opinions.

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