Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainy Days and Sundays

I once spent a weekend - in Rhode Island, I believe - at someone's beach house when it was raining. The idea was that we would drive up to Providence from NYC, meet these wonderful friends of my boyfriend at the time and then head out for a weekend of fun in the sun. As I said, it didn't happen. We were trapped inside a wonderful old house on the beach.

From what I remember, I slept a bit and read a lot. This wasn't my voracious reading period when I went through books one after the other reading everything from classics to Sidney Sheldon. That was right after I graduated from Art Therapy school and all I had read for a year were textbooks. In the middle of June, I discovered novels and they were like candy to me. I was constantly reading.

No, this was a less focused time.

I picked up magazines and newspapers and books from their shelf. I walked from room to room in search of another chair where I could sit and try to take a nap. We ate and talked and played games. I don't remember a television. They were the kind of people who wouldn't have a tv at the beach. I wasn't knitting at the time or I would have occupied myself with that. There was no Internet back then - none to speak of. These days, I'd love a rainy day at a beach house with no tv or Internet. A good chair and my ipod and hours of knitting? Heaven. I'm in heaven.

This has sort of been my weekend. It's been raining off and on all day both days. I've taken lots of naps. I've knitted quite a bit on these socks, and we've managed to get out of the house a couple of times. But I came back from church today and I was wet and all I could think of was sitting here and being dry. And I had some blogging to do.

It feels very dry, very tasteless. It feels like everything has come to a complete stop and that nothing of any consequence has gotten done this weekend. But we've slept and we cleaned yesterday. And I've knitted and read a bit. And Fred has read a lot - but he always reads a lot.

I like this pause in our life. We go go go all the time. I've always got something going on. But the rain has trapped us indoors and we haven't done much. More than this weekend might drive me nuts, but this has been refreshing. I need to go for a walk now that it's stopped for a while, but I appreciate a good rest. Clears my head. (See, I'm trying to convince myself that I should get this time guilt free.)

And that sock is almost done.

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