Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three Things

This is my 33 post (out of 43). So here are three unrelated things that have struck me recently as interesting as well as a completely unrelated picture:

1. My new favorite word - mondegreen n: A form of error arising from mishearing a spoken or sung phrase. Some good examples are:This happened to me a lot when I was in college and listening to Joni Mitchell. And it's international in that the very same word is used in Dutch.

2. The website Sexy Beijing. It's a young Jewish American woman living in China looking for love. The opening is sort of a blatant rip off of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, but her ability to speak Chinese is amazing. And she's really engaging. It's a video cast and worth a look. And despite the name, it's so not about sex. It's just a clever name.

3. I know four or five people who are leaving the Netherlands in the next month - or who have recently left. To me, this just speaks of the transitional nature of this place, and I don't like it. It's not like I'm that close to any of these people, but I like them and I like having them around. They're not all American, but if they're not officially American, they're almost American - meaning they are partnered with an American and have American habits, and an understanding of Americans that comes from living with one.

This is so much different than NYC. People left all the time, but I didn't particularly like them. I'm kidding. Thing is, most people just didn't leave NYC. I've been bemoaning people leaving since my first friend, Andi B, left after I'd been here about six months.

And I reserve the right to bemoan it for the next thirty years. Good-bye Diaca, Frédéric, Jon, Elise and...I think there's someone else. I'll miss having you around.

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