Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back to the Blog

I am having the worst time getting back into blogging again after vacation. I even had a friend say something to me about it. So in an attempt to get myself back on the proverbial horse, I will begin with some blather about knitting.

A few weeks before we left for vacation, I was given two large bags of a medium blue cotton yarn. (I hid it in the cellar for fear that Fred would see it and question me before I had a good answer about what I was going to do with it.) I've decided to knit a sweater for myself and inspired by Jared Flood of BrooklynTweed, I am making a Tomten Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It's a sweater that's all about the construction.

Mr. Flood made some alterations to the pattern that I hope to figure out. I've read EZ's instructions several times (in The Opinionated Knitter) already and I'm reading his alterations. Neither of them are written in a real pattern form, which is nice. It's more about telling how it's made and all of the details are left up to the knitter.

In other news, the wedding plans are coming along. We met with the ambtenaar last night. That's the person who is going to perform the ceremony. She questioned us about this and that: what does marriage mean to each of us, why do we want to get married, how did we meet, etc. It was nice.

A woman at work today said, "It's only ten days now."

I said, "No. Wow. It really is only ten days!" I'm keeping it in that distant part of my brain, like where I keep next Christmas and Thanksgiving.

And I talked to the woman who is doing the cake. It should be simple and elegant if it goes like she has it planned.

I'm completely obsessed with this sweater. It's all garter stitch, but I've finally mastered the "wrap and turn." (Now I'll be a hit at all the dance parties I go to.)

The last thing that's taking a lot of my time is typing up my journal and notes from the Cambodian-Thailand trip. I'm long winded, but it'll be nice to have it down to look back on later.

So I'm doing stuff, but it's all just Andy stuff. And I'm good. Patiently waiting to be made an honest man.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, I don't know if this is of any help, but: I really missed your posts and am so glad you're back! After all, I like your style of writing and I especially love that you are a man full of contradictions --> waiting to be made an "honest man"? - Hmm, you do behave like you're already married - hiding yarn from Fred!?! Let's just hope you will never ever refer to him as DH! :-))Good luck with your sweater!! I'm in a similar position, I bought a lot of cotton yarn on sale. I've just started my first seamless knit, the cavern cardigan by cosmicpluto. Hope it will turn out wearable. And yes: Mr. Flood is also one of my "heroes" (do you think he hides yarn, though? - Sorry, grapje).
Groetjes uit Oostenrijk, Doris