Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday of Vacation Week

Last year, I was in an online a discussion group about blogging. There was a thread that asked the question, "What would make you stop reading a blog." A woman answered (and I think I've mentioned this before, so I hope your answer isn't "hearing the same story over and over"), "If someone mentions illness, or that they're ill, even once, I never go back."

That said, I won't mention my health today.

I sort of have this week off. My one school is on vacation this week and one of my other students from my other job is on vacation as well, so I'm in the middle of three days of vacation/not working. I have a class in the morning on Thursday and then again later in the afternoon, but I'm also off on Friday.

I've still got plenty to do, but it's nice to not have to stop - too much - for work. And I can take my time doing what ever it is I do. For instance, I got it into my head that I want to start reading The Chronicles of Narnia (at least the first book) - in Dutch. I've had it on the shelf for a couple of years. I read some of it today. It's a slow process, but I'm making it through.

Sitting on the couch reading is not something I'm used to doing. I like the idea of reading - which requires sitting - but I haven't really done it in so long that it feels strange. (I read in bed, just not on the couch.) I'm used to listening to podcasts and knitting while sitting on the couch. That feels productive. After an hour of reading all you have is a bunch of pages that you've read, whereas after knitting for an hour you might have some knitting you can look at.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

What IS that creepy photo, Andy?
It won't stop me reading your blog, "maar toch!"

Andy Baker said...

It was something in a strange art exhibit we ran across in Bangkok. It was in an mostly-abandoned building. We got some nice snaps.