Friday, August 06, 2004

Class Number Four

While it's absolutely amazing how much I feel like I've learned this week. I am so very glad that it's Friday. I really need a break. And that is the sentiment of the entire class - plus Evaline, our teacher.

Today's presentations were done by Hazel, an English girl, and Anouk, the Columbian girl. Anouk went first. She's hovering around thirty and lives in Upstate NY. She is somehow connected to the flower trade and is learning Dutch so that she can communicate in that capacity with her research and with, possibly, her work. Columbia, it seems, is the second biggest flower and bulb producer in the world. She said, "Uh..." a lot. And she used a LOT of English in her presentation. I was glad when it was over.

Hazel is married to a Dutch guy and lives outside of Utrecht, or maybe they just live together. Her presentation was about physical therapy, or fysiotherpie. She had a whole schtick about how she doesn't do massage - so don't ask. The only people she does massage on are beautiful rugby players. She wasn't the best speaker and she does this pronunciation thing that Fred is always getting on my about. When the "sch" is not gutteral enough, or in the right way. But Hazel just said "sh." She is planning on staying her and working in her field. She travels a long way to get to class.

Kai, the German fellow, asked if we could read aloud. Evaline took a vote and we voted to do it. She was obviously not pleased and said, without saying it, that it was a waste of our time as we are Lower Intermediate. I know we won't be doing it again. Interesting to hear everyone's accent, though. Some people are awful. I think the Frech girl, Bea, has a thick accent.
I feel like I've learned a lot and that a lot is expected from us. I'm glad they set the bar high and don't stop for laggers. I'm glad I have the weekend to do my homework and to review what we learned this week. I'm already talking much more. It's nice to have people my own level in class with me. I got home and wrote and slept. It's hot plus the fact that I'm tired. Ready to sleep tomorrow morning late.

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