Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tien Dagen van Klas

I'm getting a little weary of class. And I am so very behind, or I feel it. I'm probably going fine, but I feel stress. Today afer class, Bertan, Mr. Macidonia, asked me if I wanted to go for a cup of coffee after class. I said, Sure. We ended up at what I though was a sort of high brow place. It had a nice terrace and a very pleasant atmosphere. But we sat and had a Sparkling Water for a while with no pressure to buy anything else. And it was a beautiful day. Bertan is a very sweet guy - sort of in the same...pretty much exactly in the same position as me. Dutch boyfriend and non-EU. So waiting on working papers like me.

Our speakers today were Linds from England and Bea from Paris. Linds is sort of nice...I guess. She's sort of soft spoken. Eveline is always having to say, "Hard spreken!" That means louder. She spoke about her volunteer job. She works with Service Center International, or SCI. It was very interesting. I like how grassroots they are and how hard they work, but most of all, some of the quotes on the things she brought. One said, "I do not the power of the word, but that does not make it the most dangerous thing in the wolrd, not becuase if its effect on teh hearer, but because of its effect on the speaker who then feels like he can then do nothing more." I think I got that right. I love the "quit talking about it and do something" attitude.

The other speaker was Bea. I've not really taken to Bea because everything she says sounds like she's talking in French. She's got that little French mouth and everything comes out of an opening the size of a nickel. She mumbled something and moved on. And seven minutes later, I wrote, "I have no idea what she's talking about." And I didn't. I still don't. It might have been something about Britania. Some people loved it. I couldn't make out anything. She's cute and has a pretty nice look, but she's really difficult to understand and that really bugs me.

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