Monday, September 20, 2004

NYC Apartment Blues

I just got an e-mail from my asshole "tenant" in NYC. He's quit his job at the bank where he was trying to fool himself into believing that he could make himself into a banker. He's a musician and thought he could continue being a musician while they sucked his soul dry behind a desk.

Eight months ago when I agreed to let him be my tenant, he seemed like a responsible, mature 25 year old guy, more responsible than your average 25 year old. Since then, he has shown layer up on layer of flakiness. He said he would mail some things, he didn't. He didn't check the mail for a week at a time, until I told him the lease might be in there. I heard from F and C that the apartment is a wreck, not that I care, but still. And now he has written telling me that he's quit his job and that he would like to pay the regular rent and not the rent we agreed on.

Additionally, he asked if he can start paying the rent with money orders instead of checks with my name and signature on them. I was hoping to leave a paper trail.

I sort of feel like "What...ever!" He's just a mess. If I lose the apartment, I lose the apartment. I'm not worried about that. I'll land on my feet. I don't especially want to live there again any way. It's just that I'm really amazed at what a complete ass he's turned out to be. Oh well.

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